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Grimdark Stronghold launched!

Through the mud and blood of the battlefield we walk, across spoiled lands full of shellcraters and barbed wire we see. Our eyes fall on a grim and bitter defense line. Endless trenches span no man's land, high walls and heavy guns on the horizon.

But even behind the battlelines, toxic fumes of industry and a more sinister smell fill the air. The war must feed itself, they said, oh how right were....The darkess of the far future has arrived. The grim darkness is here.

Welcome to our 6th War Scenery Kickstarter Campaign! The siege continues with more 3D printable Sci-Fi fortifications, terrain, walls, trenches and factories! Spreading the word and sharing the Campaign's Project-Link will result in more content for each of you, but more about that in the Stretchgoal section down below.

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